I studied geology at Bates College and worked as a lab manager at Princeton University before realizing I'd rather tell science stories than write science papers. I loved getting my hands dirty in the field and decoding Earth history by staring at landscapes. I loved it all so much that I decided I wanted to spend my time getting other people to love it too. 

Since then, I've covered topics ranging from why rats are ticklish, to the history of sperm science, to why zebras have stripes. I delight in the peculiarities of the natural world. But much of my work circles back to my deep fascination in and appreciation for the complexities of the Earth as a system, and the ways humans depend on and change that system. 

Other things I love: rock climbing, making things with my hands, growing food, ocean swimming, and hiking around my home in Maine.


email: laura.poppick (at) gmail (dot) com | twitter: @laurapoppick